Beautifully crafted and acoustically excellent, Yael Rosenblum’s instruments are chosen to be played in all countries around the world by the best musicians. Among them are Francesco Manara, Concertmaster of the Theater Orchestra “La Scala” of Milan and of the Philharmonic Orchestra of “La Scala” , Menahem Breuer, Concertmaster of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and founder of the Israel Trio and Rosario D’amato, the Principal Violist of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo.

Being a former professional musician for 20 years, Yael Rosenblum's ability in seaking for the best sound is outstanding.

Violin Maker Yael Rosenblum, pupil of Amos Boazson, Principal Violist of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, graduated in viola with a maximum score from the Israel Art and Science Academy in 1996. She has performed in many groups including the IDF chamber orchestra founded by violinist Isaac Stern.

Violin Maker Yael Rosenblum is a graduate with the highest score from the International Violin Making School “Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona in and the IFTS Superior Techniques of Baroque Violinmaking course. She has apprenticed and collaborated with Igor Moroder and Gaspar Borchardt. Ms. Rosenblum worked with Boris Sverdlik, a Master Restorer trained in the workshop of Jacques Francais and Renè Morel in New York, learning the methods of set up and restoration of the highest renown. Her musical and instrumental knowledge attributes to her continuous research of the rich sound and the execution of comfortable playing of all stringed instruments.

Violin Maker Yael Rosenblum creates modern and baroque stringed instruments using aged wood following the antique Cremonese tradition.